Well, it is hard to believe that end is within sight. For almost a year now our process has now reached its final culmination in the last week(s?) of construction. There are many items to be completed this week, and it is easy to get lost in the rush. Overall, we are very happy the way things are turning out, and Terra Homes is doing a pretty good job keeping up with the all the juggling.

The blue color we came to terms with turned out great. The blue is vibrant but not too overpowering for the accent color on the canopy.


We have photographed the building from this angle dozens of times. It never really gets old because of the variety of perspective lines created by all of the architectural elements on the facade. The composition comes together in pleasing balance of subtle tones and sharp accents.


Lastly here is a nice photo taken with an Iphone by the client. Everything looks better at sunset!