Escamill Law Firm: Pre-Inspection on Rough-In

The electrical and mechanical systems are now mostly roughed in. Lighting selections have been made and the building paper is on, We expect a green light to move forward on this inspection. Next up for the build is drywall, and the initial finishes. (Above) View from kitchen. Notice the dividing wall between kitchen and dining [...]

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God is not in These Details

Looking around the Valley it truly is hard to find the highest level of craftsmanship in design and construction. McAllen is certainly no stranger to this issue. Occasionally we will take photos of various architectural specimens of this sort and call them out. Below are a few photos from one of McAllen's latest shopping centers [...]

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A Fascinating and Uplifting Story of One Woman Making Homes from Garbage for the Needy   This article featured in on Algazeera today really shows how one person can really make a difference. Ingrid Vaca Diez is pioneering an effort to recycle garbage (plastic bottles) in a way that is sustainable and practical for impoverished areas where labor is plentiful, but building materials are out of reach.  

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Plasma Studio Crafts Moutainous Forms

What do you get when you take an interesting shape and run it through a tomato slicer? Answer: The Dolomite Luxury Apartment Building of course! Call it what you will, but I love it. Inspired by the Dolomite Mountains in Spain, this highly formal, and beautifully crafted luxury get away is stunning. According to Inhabitat [...]

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China Going Big Redux

It seems like just yesterday I wrote about China going big again on a massive pseudo underground hotel-quarry thingy...oh wait that was yesterday. Well today China one-ups itself by going even bigger. Look out Middle East, your highest building reign will be over 90 days after this project starts. If the picture is any indicator [...]

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Breathing Metal?

Pretty "cool" concept.

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Scumbag Architecture Professor

Couldn't resist posting this one...we all know what this was like.  

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20 Spectacular Houses Featuring Green Roofs

I found this great post on houses that are using green roofs. As you would expect, most of these homes are not in the US. Perhaps it is our climate, or perhaps the lack of "know-how" in our design and construction industry. Well, we always catch up at some point (about 5-10 years on average), [...]

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Elevate Architecture at McAllen COC Power Network Luncheon

Elevate Architecture was present at the Power Network Luncheon put on by the McAllen Chamber of Commerce at the Yacht Club in McAllen. We thank the McAllen Chamber of Commerce and Mayor for hosting this event. While we met many innovative entrepreneurs in the area, the most notable item was learning about an ap called [...]

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China Going “Big” Once Again

"Thinking Big" and "Going Big" are not necessarily the same, and China tends more toward the latter in China's latest behemoth on the boards. There is a place in my heart for adaptive re-use however, so maybe this is a step in the right direction for China.

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