The Embers (Part 2): Luxury Ranch Home in McAllen Subdivision

Although the Embers subdivision establishes a Mediterranean aesthetic from the onset, the developers design committee has approved other stylistic choices as long as they follow specific guidelines in the covenants. A popular design a number of our clients are asking for is the "ranch home", and in particular, the "Texas Ranch House" look. The following [...]

Luxury Contemporary/Modern Home Designed for Mission, Texas ( Existing Lot for Sale)

We have finally added House-3 to our prototype portfolio in our on the boards page. The home is sited in a Mission luxury subdivision where the lot is currently for sale. SoCal modern could work here in the Rio Grande Valley as long as we reference regional materials and colors, and address the sun of [...]

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Socal Modern in the Rio Grande Valley?

House 3: Front Perspective At Elevate Architecture, our main drive is to challenge the status quo of what to expect from everyday architecture. Yes, that involves an understanding of global critical theory as well as regional critical theory, and of course an understanding of how things get built. However, we also are in [...]

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