Elevate Architecture Featured in “RGV Beyond Arts & More”

We just wanted to send a special thanks to RGV Beyond Arts & More Magazine, a great resource for discovering about innovative art and artists throughout the South Texas Community. The article discusses a bit about the design process behind our design for the Escamilla Law Firm, the subsquent AIA Honor award. The article also [...]

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A Spatial Metaphor of Law: McAllen Attorney’s New Office Building Expresses Progressive Architecture from the Inside-Out

In most cases, office design in South Texas falls within a fairly standard set of rules and ideas: 4 walls, Spanish Colonial style,EIFS finish painted in natural non-offending tones. The fairly simplistic and non-evoking (vernacular should I say) architecture leads one to think that the bulk of the costs must go into the interior finishes [...]


While I have never been, I have heard The World Architecture Festival is the largest architectural festival around. Around 200-300 projects are shortlisted to compete in about 20-30 categories. One of these projects is awarded the "Building of the Year". I guess you could say it is like the Academy Award's for architecture every year. [...]

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A Simple Plan Re-envisioned

In many cases, architects avoid the use angles in their designs because of concerns like "costs go up", or the strategy lacks "simple and clean" lines, or because it is just plain "weird". Of course the architects who are exceptions to this counter-strategy of avoiding the use of angles are those who in fact only [...]

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The Power of Monoliths

Spomenik—Jan Kempenaers and “The End of History” In his book Spomenik, Jan Kempenaers creates a beautiful taxonomy of the fractured past of the Eastern Europe block through his visual documentation of brutalist monoliths. These creations were used at one time to help unify, exemplify, and honor the character of those who had given their lives [...]

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Mark Lascelles Thornton’s Happiness Machine

Well, architecture certainly moves people in different ways. Mark Lascelles Thornton uses a literal impression of architecture in excruciating hand drawn detail overlaid by an artistic red tint that he colors into his latest art project call The Happiness Machine.

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