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Leave it to the Dutch to Make Concrete Hip

So once again, the Dutch innovate in research and material that we all tend to take for granted. This time, its concrete. This kinda blows my mind, but Dutch innovation never ceases to amaze me so I guess I should not be that surprised.

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Breathing Metal?

Pretty "cool" concept.

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Socal Modern in the Rio Grande Valley?

House 3: Front Perspective At Elevate Architecture, our main drive is to challenge the status quo of what to expect from everyday architecture. Yes, that involves an understanding of global critical theory as well as regional critical theory, and of course an understanding of how things get built. However, we also are in [...]

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Scumbag Architecture Professor

Couldn't resist posting this one...we all know what this was like.  

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The Instant Architect Kit

I have yet to get these glasses. I don't wear glasses, but I could perhaps try.

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20 Spectacular Houses Featuring Green Roofs

I found this great post on houses that are using green roofs. As you would expect, most of these homes are not in the US. Perhaps it is our climate, or perhaps the lack of "know-how" in our design and construction industry. Well, we always catch up at some point (about 5-10 years on average), [...]

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Elevate Architecture at McAllen COC Power Network Luncheon

Elevate Architecture was present at the Power Network Luncheon put on by the McAllen Chamber of Commerce at the Yacht Club in McAllen. We thank the McAllen Chamber of Commerce and Mayor for hosting this event. While we met many innovative entrepreneurs in the area, the most notable item was learning about an ap called [...]

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A Most Elegant Church Proposal

This should get the reward for most unique design for a church...or really any building for that matter. This is truly out of the box thinking. Yes it is pure formalism, but in the end that is pretty much what architects do and we differ in our interpretation of what form really is and means. [...]

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China Going “Big” Once Again

"Thinking Big" and "Going Big" are not necessarily the same, and China tends more toward the latter in China's latest behemoth on the boards. There is a place in my heart for adaptive re-use however, so maybe this is a step in the right direction for China.

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New Medical and Graduate Education Building at Columbia University’s Medical Center

Interesting concept by Diller Scofidio. It reminds me of the popular "pod" concepts of the mid to late 90's that so many of us tried to understand in studio and beyond. You know the ones where there was a neat envelope taking on smooth forms and surfaces, but then inside was a Swiss cheese-like arrangement [...]

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