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Three World-Class Architects to Go Crazy With Legos

So Lego has an "Architecture Studio Set" that they now offer. How cool is that!? I think I may order a few for science. Here is what happens when you let three architects run wild with them.

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Klyde Warren Park Establishes Urban Connectivity in Dallas

Architects and urban designers often attempt to solve urban spatial problems by designing green spaces and parks at important junctures in the city. In Dallas’ case, as in most American cities, highways define the majority of interstitial space in the city and subsequently divide it into various zones. Open space is typically available only in [...]

Luxury Contemporary/Modern Home Designed for Mission, Texas ( Existing Lot for Sale)

We have finally added House-3 to our prototype portfolio in our on the boards page. The home is sited in a Mission luxury subdivision where the lot is currently for sale. SoCal modern could work here in the Rio Grande Valley as long as we reference regional materials and colors, and address the sun of [...]

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A Simple Plan Re-envisioned

In many cases, architects avoid the use angles in their designs because of concerns like "costs go up", or the strategy lacks "simple and clean" lines, or because it is just plain "weird". Of course the architects who are exceptions to this counter-strategy of avoiding the use of angles are those who in fact only [...]

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Welcome to the New Elevate Architecture Website

We have officially re-launched the Elevate Architecture website. I know it has only been about 6 months since we launched the first one, but content should be easier to find, better utilized, and fully optimized for the all seeing eye of Google. Among other things, we moved the old www.earchblog.com to the main www.elevatearchitecture.com/blog. We [...]

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A Fascinating and Uplifting Story of One Woman Making Homes from Garbage for the Needy

http://www.aljazeera.com/programmes/viewfinder/2013/01/20131994836277368.html   This article featured in on Algazeera today really shows how one person can really make a difference. Ingrid Vaca Diez is pioneering an effort to recycle garbage (plastic bottles) in a way that is sustainable and practical for impoverished areas where labor is plentiful, but building materials are out of reach.  

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Plasma Studio Crafts Moutainous Forms

What do you get when you take an interesting shape and run it through a tomato slicer? Answer: The Dolomite Luxury Apartment Building of course! Call it what you will, but I love it. Inspired by the Dolomite Mountains in Spain, this highly formal, and beautifully crafted luxury get away is stunning. According to Inhabitat [...]

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China Going Big Redux

It seems like just yesterday I wrote about China going big again on a massive pseudo underground hotel-quarry thingy...oh wait that was yesterday. Well today China one-ups itself by going even bigger. Look out Middle East, your highest building reign will be over 90 days after this project starts. If the picture is any indicator [...]

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The Power of Monoliths

Spomenik—Jan Kempenaers and “The End of History” In his book Spomenik, Jan Kempenaers creates a beautiful taxonomy of the fractured past of the Eastern Europe block through his visual documentation of brutalist monoliths. These creations were used at one time to help unify, exemplify, and honor the character of those who had given their lives [...]

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Mark Lascelles Thornton’s Happiness Machine

Well, architecture certainly moves people in different ways. Mark Lascelles Thornton uses a literal impression of architecture in excruciating hand drawn detail overlaid by an artistic red tint that he colors into his latest art project call The Happiness Machine.

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