Escamilla Law Firm: Rough-In Update, Storefront Frame Installed

Storefront framing and most of the metal work is now installed. It is really nice to see the storefront framing in and the elegance of the facade mullion design is now taking shape. The entry will be especially interesting, but is yet to be seen. (Above) The south facade window metal work and fascia metal [...]

Escamilla Law Firm: Insulation, Rough-in on Track and Looking Good

Here is the latest update. All in all, it is looking good. (Above) The window overhangs, and canopy are installed and roofer well on his way providing the needed impervious membranes. (Above) North east side of facade. The canopies are looking good, and the modified roof system is being applied. (Above) South facade perspective. Gutters [...]

God is not in These Details

Looking around the Valley it truly is hard to find the highest level of craftsmanship in design and construction. McAllen is certainly no stranger to this issue. Occasionally we will take photos of various architectural specimens of this sort and call them out. Below are a few photos from one of McAllen's latest shopping centers [...]

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Escamill Law Firm: Framing Update

Here is quick post on the status of construction. Framing is at about 90% complete, and the project stands at about half way to completion.   The canopy is fully framed. Roof slope and plumbing on interior wall pending. Notice the very large window and clerestory at main conference. You can see the glue lam [...]

The Beauty in Structure: Looking at the Structure Behind the Escamilla Law Firm

Next to substantial completion, my favorite phase of construction is framing. I imagine the same allure is there for many architects involved during construction. Yes, the final product that makes up the archi-porn that designers and architects drool over in the monthly magazines always gets us motivated, but for others like myself, it is all [...]

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